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Iodine and Thyroid Disease

It seems that thyroid disease is more prevalent now than ever in our society. More and more people are prescribed remedies like Synthroid and levothyroxin to treat hypothyroidism, the disease that slows the activity of the thyroid gland. A better understanding of the disease and some causes rooted in diet may be able to normalize thyroid function. The thyroid gland is tiny, but it can affect so many finctions of the body and mind. A malfunctioning thyroid might be the cause of: fatigue, depression, joint soreness, weight gain, infertility, increased sensitivity to the cold, dry skin, puffy face, hoarseness, elevated blood cholesterol levels, muscle aches and stiffness, thinning hair, impaired memory and more. To my surprise, it has even been linked as a cause of carpel tunnel. Iodine is known as a halide, a class of elements that also includes chlorine, fluorine, bromine and perchlorate. These other halides compete with iodine, and are often taken in by the iodine receptors in